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Child Support

The Luna Law Firm, PA can help with your Florida child support issues?  In these tough economic times child support can have a big impact on your wallet.   Ms. Luna, an attorney at the Luna Law Firm, PA is happy to assist you in understanding your rights to child support whether you are the parent receiving or paying support in Florida.  This includes representation in initial child support matters and in modifications of current support.

There are some child support matters which may be best handled by the Florida Department of Revenue office.  In those cases, the Luna Law Firm, PA will advise you of that option.  You always have the right to your own attorney; however it is Ms. Luna’s opinion that every client should be advised of the resources available to them.  This is especially true in some child support cases where the Florida Department of Revenue office may have better resources to enforce child support.   If you have questions regarding child support, Ms. Luna can discuss them with you and the available options.  Contact the Luna Law Firm today to discuss your Florida child support case.

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