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Areas of Practice

The Luna Law Firm, PA is focused on providing outstanding, client-centered advocacy in this areas, among others:



If you are considering an adoption in Florida, you should understand your legal rights.  There are a number of specific, well defined steps that must be completed to ensure that the adoption is valid. ...



Annulment may be an option over divorce in some cases where the marriage is by law void or voidable.  Void/voidable marriages can include where a party was unable to contract into a marriage due...


Child Custody and Visitation

If your rights as a parent are being overlooked, ignored or complicated by the other parent, the Luna Law Firm, PA can assist you.  With over 14 years of experience in complicated child custody and visitation...


Child Support

The Luna Law Firm, PA can help with your Florida child support issues?  In these tough economic times child support can have a big impact on your wallet.   Ms. Luna, an attorney at the Luna Law Firm,...

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Cohabitation Issues

In this day and age more and more couples opt not to formalize their relationship in marriage preferring to simply  live together.  This unfortunately leaves the parties without well defined laws to separate their...


Contempt Issues

Contempt issues arise when there is a violation of a court order.  For example, if your spouse is not paying child support or alimony as court ordered, you may have a contempt issue.



There are two basic types of divorce cases in Florida: Contested and Uncontested. A contested divorce occurs when the husband and wife cannot come to an agreement on one or more issues related to the dissolution of...


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence within a family or any relationship is a serious issue.  For a number of years, Ms. Luna assisted primarily domestic violence victims and their families in fighting for their rights.  If you...



Guardianships may be needed in a variety of cases where an individual needs the assistance of someone for care.  This can include for minor children, elderly adults or those without the capacity to care...


International Family Law Issues

Families are no longer limited to small communities.  The numerous advancements in technology and ability to travel has resulted in our lives being more mobile.   Family law issues can arise wherein the parties...


LGBT Representation

The Luna Law Firm, PA offers services to everyone in the Jacksonville community.  This includes a number of services for those within the LGBT community.  These services are the same services offered to everyone. ...


Military Divorces

Child custody and divorce involving one or more military members often have issues unique to the military.  This can include dividing retirement, determining benefits post-divorce and dealing with the unique nature of parenting children...



There are often cases where the parties are unmarried and have a child or children.  In order to establish custody rights and visitation, a parent will need to file a paternity action. Initial paternity actions...


Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements in Florida are legal documents signed prior to marriage for the purpose of defining rights to each party in the event of a divorce.  A prenuptial agreement allows for the protection of...


Relocation Issues

If you are moving out of the state of Florida and have a child with another party, you may be prevented from moving without a court order in certain cases.  In every case where...


Separate Maintenance

Individuals not wishing to apply for divorce may consider a legal separation.  Florida is one of approximately eight states that does not formally recognize legal separation.  Although Florida does not recognize it, you may...