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2018 Luna Law Firm Goals

The start of a new year means many of us make new goals for the coming year.  As our firm looks toward 2018, I like to refresh our firm goals and commitment to clients.  Since the firm’s inception, my goals for the Luna Law Firm have been to provide high quality legal representation and exceptional customer service to clients.    In 2018, my staff and I hope to improve upon those goals, expand our ability to provide quality legal representation and enjoy the clients and work we do on a daily basis.

My staff and I wish you a wonderful start to the New Year and look forward to our continued assistance of families in 2018.

Our office currently assists individuals with divorces, alimony modifications and other support cases in Duval, Clay, and Nassau Counties in Florida.  If you have questions regarding a divorce or alimony, please contact us to schedule a consultation at (904) 387-3334.

This article is not meant to be all-inclusive or a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney in your own jurisdiction.  If you are involved in a legal matter and have questions, you should contact a competent attorney in your own jurisdiction. This information is further not intended to be tax advice.  Please contact a licensed tax professional for advice if you have tax related questions.

Beth Luna, Esq. is licensed in Tennessee, Florida and Nevada.  The information provided is based upon Florida law only.  If you are looking for information for another jurisdiction, please contact an attorney in that area.  The Luna Law Firm handles family law matters in Jacksonville, Florida, Clay County, and Nassau County. Contact the Luna Law Firm today 904-387-3334 to schedule a consultation to discuss your Florida family law matter.