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Three Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Your Child to Visit the Other Parent

In a divorce or child custody case, it is easy for the children to become the most valuable pawn in the legal game.  As parents, it is best to avoid using children as a pawn and remembering to always  put the children’s best interest first.  This can be hard at times especially when the other parent refuses.  Three common problems that I see on a day to day basis that you should attempt to avoid:

Mistake #1: Refusing to send the child with clothing.   While it may seem like a strike against the other parent to send the child in ragged, old clothing, it is really only hurting your child.  The clothing purchased by either parent is for the child and should be considered the child’s to take with them when visiting the other parent.  Be courteous enough to send your child with appropriate clothing and items that are nice and not worn out.  If it doesn’t get returned, know that your child has it available to him/her at the other parent’s home and it is still getting used.  When the child visits your household be sure to send him/her home well dressed and return any clothing that came with them.

Mistake #2: Talking about the divorce/child custody case in front of your child.  I can’t stress enough NOT to discuss the legal proceedings or disparage the other parent in ear shot of your children.  No child wants to be placed in the middle of their parent’s legal battle and by not discussing it with them or around them, you can avoid that problem.  This should include discouraging friends and relatives from doing it as well.  Set the policy that the legal proceedings are not discussed when little ears might hear.

Mistake #3: Acting sad or hurt that they are going to visit.  Most children are excited to spend time with either of their parents as long as not discouraged from enjoying the visit.  Avoid making statements or expressing that you will be lonely or sad since they are visiting the other parent.  Encourage them to have fun and recognize that for your child this visit can be and should be enjoyable.

There a number of mistakes people make during a divorce or child custody proceeding involving children. This is just an example of three.  The best advice is to remember to put your children first no matter how tempting it is to get that one last jab at the other party.

Written By: K. Beth Luna, esq.

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Our Promise To Our Clients – The Luna Law Firm

Whether you are involved in a divorce, filing for custody of a child or attempting to modify a prior family law order, the decision to hire an attorney is an important one.  Your relationship with your attorney is one that can have a big impact on the outcome of your case.  It is important for you to feel comfortable with your attorney.   I started my own firm with the goal of making it client centered.  As a part of that I provide every client  with the following list of Client Rights.  This is my list of promises to every client that hires The Luna Law Firm as to what they can expect from me.  I also include with the list a set of expectations that I have for clients.

•    You deserve to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion. Our firm sets this as goal for every case.  In every case, we try to listen to your concerns and help guide you through the process.

•    Your problems will be discussed in privacy.  With the exception of information that must be shared to carry out your case, no one outside of the Luna Law Firm will know what you have discussed with us unless you authorize us to advise them.

•    You deserve to have communication regarding your case in a prompt manner.  Our goal is to return phone calls the same day; however in some cases this may not be possible, therefore we strive to return all calls within 24 business hours. In the event that we are out of the office for an extended period of time, we will make all efforts possible to notify you in advance.

•    Any paperwork filed or received in your case will be forwarded to you in a timely manner.  We are happy to discuss with you the preferred method of receipt.   In some instances this can include forwarding a copy by email.

•    It is our belief that clients should understand the law connected to their case. We will make our best efforts to discuss the law with you and help you understand how the law is in applied in your individual case.

•    You have the right to be advised of any settlement offer.  The decision to settle or not to settle is yours alone.  Any offer will be passed on to you and we will assist you in understanding the pros and cons of that offer.

•    Each month you will be provided with an itemized bill in your case.  If you have questions regarding your bill, those questions will be addressed and explained.

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Fundraiser as part of National Domestic Violence Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  For me it is an opportunity each year to reflect on a number of domestic violence victims I have known and worked with in the past.  It is also a reminder that this issue is still alive in our country and that awareness and education are still needed.

As a part of the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Tahoe Women’s Services is sponsoring “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.”  This event is a mile walk open to men.  Each registered man will be given a t-shirt and a pair of high heels to complete the walk in around the Village Center at Incline Village.  While the event is open to men only, women are encouraged to attend and support those men brave enough to participate.  The walk starts at 1:00 p.m. on October 16, 2010.

I personally love this event as it is an opportunity for the community to see that violence against women groups are not just about women, but include the support of many men.  If you are interested in participating or just attending and watching the fun, more information on registration can be found at the Tahoe Women’s Center website

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Making The Most Of The Football Season With Your Kids

With the arrival of Fall brings the onset of college and professional football. I love this time of year and enjoy all the excitement and rivalries that come along with the football season. I came across this blog today that provides tips on how dads and moms can enjoy the football season with their children.

‘The mission of Playground Dad is to connect today’s dads with products and events that help them maximize the time they spend with their kids. So during the process of building Playground Dad, it has always felt a bit hypocritical to ignore my family every single minute or every single Sunday from August through February while I vegetate in front of the television watching every second of every NFL game.

So to not be a hypocrite, I’ve created these 6 tips that help dads enjoy the beauty of NFL Sunday while at the same time not being a terrible dead beat, sitcom father. Easier said than done? A little, but try a few of these steps and you’ll get better every week. Click HERE to read the entire article.’


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